The Process

The key to designing a truly effective plan is integration: Choosing the unique combination of strategies and tools that taken together preserve and grow your hard earned wealth.  These may include all of the services we have mentioned and more. What follows is a brief overview of our Integrated Wealth Design.

Our discovery process begins with an initial meeting, a dialogue that helps us evaluate your financial circumstances from a variety of perspectives, including your family situation, business situation, mid and long-term goals. We will listen closely to you, so that we can uncover the complex and sometimes competing needs and interests that may characterize your circumstances now and in the future.

Once we thoroughly understand your needs and goals, we begin the process of crafting a customized strategy. This is when our team of experienced specialists and various professionals from the legal, accounting and financial arenas work together to formulate the solutions you require, whether they involve proactive tax planning, asset protection, business succession, or a combination of these and more. During this phase, we bring together all the pieces of your financial situation: your assets, your objectives and your family values to create an integrated, comprehensive plan.

This is where we present your plan to you for approval. We will carefully explain all of your plan’s components, answer any questions you might have and make adjustments according to your wishes. Upon completion of this phase of the process, you will have a plan that meets all of your goals and addresses all of your concerns.

With a solid strategy and a plan in place, we work to implement your customized plan. Here we utilize all of our experience and technical expertise to implement the plan you have approved.

Your plan is regularly reviewed to accommodate changes in your circumstances and to ensure it meets changing economic or regulatory developments. We will monitor your situation and recommend changes.